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Collective Worship resources

The Collective Worship resources and links shared here are designed to support you in formulating policy and developing practice.

Your School Adviser is available to offer you personalised support to suit your own school needs. 

Collective Worship Policy 2024


Collective Worship monitoring form

Christian Festival Collective Worship

This school year, we are offering a message from the Bishops and Archdeacons of our Diocese at key festival points that can be incorporated into your schools Collective Worship.

They are accompanied with additional ideas for you to build a Collective Worship that works for your own school. There will be messages that cover All Saints' Day, Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost and Journeying on.

Lent collective worship

Our Lent resources are available for Primary and Secondary schools and include video messages from The Rt Revd Lynne Cullens, Bishop of Barking, and The Revd Rob Merchant, Dean of Mission, Ministry and Education. 

Primary: Video         

Primary: Collective Worship ideas        

Primary: Powerpoint slides

Secondary: Video    

Secondary: Collective Worship Ideas

Jesus in the wilderness
Silhouette of Camels and people in a desert

Epiphany collective worship

The Epiphany video message is from Rt Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Chelmsford and is suitable for Primary Schools.


Collective Worship ideas

PowerPoint slides (9.2MB)

Advent collective worship

Our Advent resources are available for both Primary and Secondary schools and include video messages from The Ven Chris Burke, Archdeacon of Barking and The Ven Robin King, Archdeacon of Stansted.

Primary: Video

Primary: Collective Worship ideas

Primary: PowerPoint slides

Secondary: Video

Secondary: Collective Worship ideas

Four Advent candles
Stained glass window of a saint

All Saints' Day collective worship

This message is from Right Revd Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester and is suitable for Primary Schools.


Collective Worship ideas

PowerPoint slides

The Lord’s Prayer

Class based Collective Worship

The Chelmsford Diocesan Education Team is delighted to share with you some ideas to support your schools’ class based Collective Worship. These weekly suggestions, explore the Lord’s Prayer.

Find out more and download resources

An open bible

Additional collective worship resources


Big Start Assemblies

The Big Start Assemblies team has made available one complete series, consisting of thirteen assemblies; all built around the specific theme entitled ‘Giants of Faith!' These assemblies will help children engage on the topic of faith whilst meeting SIAMS and Ofsted guidelines on Collective Worship. You can access these 13 free assemblies here:

Additionally, Big Start Assemblies are offering all Chelmsford Diocese Church of England schools FREE 12 month access to their resources. They offer some great resources that can be used in both support bubbles and virtual worship. The instructions, links and discount code are available to download here.

Church of England

As part of its Faith at Home work in conjunction with Oak National Academy, the Church of England have produced some excellent resources to support worship in schools covering Christian values:

Cycle of Collective Worship

The Diocese of London have produced a Cycle of Collective Worship based on the Anglican Lectionary B/C (Bible readings in church that week) for this Autumn Term 2021. It can be accessed via their website.


iSingPOP have launched a new series of seven weekly Classroom Worship resources for the Summer Term. It follows the SIAMS Church of England’s requirements for Collective Worship and is partnered with Prayer Spaces In Schools for this resource.

Each worship time involves a song, bible story and a prayer activity designed specifically for each key stage along with the Lord's Prayer. There is a free taster pack to download the free taster pack and if a school wishes to subscribe the package cost is £95 visit:

Picture News

Picture News is a weekly news resource that considers one news story every week for children to reflect upon, it can be used for collective worship, class discussions and displays.

Their team of teachers put together a detailed pack centred around a poster with an engaging image and thought-provoking question. The weekly resource also include detailed teacher guidance, a linked bible story, Biblical core concept and an invitational prayer.

Request a free sample and set of resources from Picture News.


PopUK are offering FREE song resources to all primary schools through our standard membership for the next twelve months. Their songs have been carefully written to maintain a Christian distinctiveness yet can be sung by children of all backgrounds and cultures. An example of one of their songs sung by a small group of children from Chethams, Manchester during lockdown can be viewed here.

Sign-up to their free standard membership.